New Google Adwords beta reporting in Google Analytics

This is right out of the “why didn’t they think about this earlier” file, but makes perfect sense on the heels of Google integrating Google Analytics goals into the Google AdWords interface.  Google did right by me this time, recognizing another customer pain point: marketers and agencies not having the full suite of data available in Google Analytics reporting that is readily available in the Google AdWords interface.

The Good:

  • Trended metrics straight out of Google AdWords, and not just one or two, but a whole heap of great metrics to trend.  My favorite right now is CTR versus Bounce Rate (below).

Google AdWords beta reporting

  • Day-parting reports: True, this report could be generated the hard way by using Google Analytics Custom Reporting, but getting it for free is always nice.

Google AdWords day-parting report

  • Destination URLs: All my landing pages in one report?  That’s super handy.  All the normal metrics available in Google Analytics for only those landing pages I’m using in AdWords.  Again, a brilliant one-click reporting destination for a standard report marketers should have created using “Custom Reporting”.

The Bad:

  • Ugh, TV reports?  Jeez… talk about soft-sell marketing.
  • Placement reports: Would love to be able to have a pop-out link to visit content network placement domains/URLs from within the interface.

The Ugly:

  • Not sure why, but not all metrics seem to be up to date or accurate.  Realizing this is still “in beta,” core metrics such as spend should be relatively accurate.

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