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Garry PrzyklenkMy name is Garry Przyklenk.

Yeah… don’t let the lack of vowels get to you, I guess somewhere down the ancestral line someone lost a bet.  It’s commonly pronounced “SHOE CLANK” and to pronounce it correctly you have to cut a hole in your tongue and move to Poland.  Now that that’s out of the way, I can hopefully get through the uncomfortable task of describing myself…

I started blogging back in August of 2007 as a means to communicate with online marketers, service providers, and vendors.  I still maintain and update my original site, PPC-Advice.com but found that I was writing less about online marketing and more about what it means to become a change agent within an organization.  Analytics-Advice.com is focused on news and discussion surrounding the use of data-driven decision-making to empower profitable changes within an organization’s products, services, and user experience.

Working with several diverse organizations over the past decade or so, I continue to have the distinct honor and pleasure of solving problems with the most talented individuals in each industry, each with their own diverse set of business objectives:

If you don’t find me at work or blogging or at trade shows, you might find me traveling the world, taking photos, or scuba diving (or all three!).


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