How to decommission a web analytics solution

There comes a time in every analyst’s life when an organization decides to change up the game and move from one web analytics solution to another.  Transitioning the reporting data isn’t usually that painful, if done correctly; it’s decommissioning the old solution that is most challenging.  Having survived a number of these transitions already, I came up with a brief list of best practices when decommissioning most paid web analytics solutions. Continue reading How to decommission a web analytics solution

Tools for Debugging Omniture Implementations

Implementation of Omniture SiteCatalyst isn’t that difficult by any means, however validating that scripts are in place to populate variables in your solution design can be somewhat challenging for those outside of the web analytics community.  The challenge is not that it’s particularly hard to debug Omniture implementations, but it can be hard to explain why, for instance, Omniture uses separate traffic and conversion variables.  The second challenge is finding tools that support cross-platform testing and validation efforts; the subject of my post today. Continue reading Tools for Debugging Omniture Implementations

Custom variables are frosting on your web analytics cake

There is a lot to be said about implementing web analytics on a site, and using that data to improve customer experience and a company’s bottom line.  Guys like Avinash Kaushik, Eric Peterson and Jim Sterne all advocate that baseline implementations provide a boat-load of traffic data that will never be looked at in a million years, with segments out the ying-yang.  However, I’m going to argue that although free tools do offer a whack of great reports out of the box, the real power of web analytics solutions comes from custom variables.  Your web analytics tags are the cake, and custom variables are the oh-so-delicious frosting on top.  Regardless of your tool of choice, here are some of the best custom variables to implement on your site for segmentation bliss. Continue reading Custom variables are frosting on your web analytics cake

Perfect tagging: mission impossible or holy grail?

Based on just the title of this post alone, can you guess what the #1 sticking point is between web analysts and the I.T. department?  You got it, tagging up pages across your organization’s website usually falls to the coders, webmasters, outside consultants, or I.T. folk within your company, and not the research, marketing, or business development department.  Although many software solutions are turning to single smart tags that can be defined later from within the tool, lots of enterprise class vendors still require on-page variable calls or customized javascript functions to assist in segmenting visitors.  So is perfect tagging mission impossible or the holy grail?  A rare discussion plus a Dwight Schrute bobble-head after the break. Continue reading Perfect tagging: mission impossible or holy grail?