eMetrics 2010 Toronto Recap: 3 themes, multiple evangelists

This year should mark the beginning of a remarkable recovery in the world economy, and I find myself extremely fortunate to be counted amongst the hundreds of attendees at eMetrics Toronto 2010.  Having attended the show in 2008 but not last year, I witnessed a significant evolution and have to admit the folks at Rising Media have done a fantastic job of transforming what was once a much smaller, admittedly lack-luster conference into a major, must-see event.  Perhaps this is due to a natural maturation process, but I’d like to attribute this success to the increasing awareness and respect the online business community has amassed for web analysis.  The resounding theme of the show has evolved as well.  What once was “how do we do X” has quickly become “define goals, provide actionable insight, measure results”.  Whether through quantitative or qualitative means, the focus has become listening to the voice of the consumer. Continue reading eMetrics 2010 Toronto Recap: 3 themes, multiple evangelists